Bye Bye flickr

So I deleted my flickr account today. I haven't used it in ages and to be honest I haven't liked flickr since it was taken over by Yahoo. I did manage to download them first. I'm so happy about this as I have photos on there from when I want to see U2 in Dublin and Vienna.  I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do with them. I'm currently sending … [Read more...]

Make up chat #1

So last night I bought the Sugarpill cosmetics pro pallet from and yes it was THAT exspensive ( and before anyone asks I transferd some money from my ISA to my bank account so I could afford it)  and all last night I was like OMG did I just do that. I suppose I have buyers remorse because I've never really spent that much on … [Read more...]

Looking FWD

It's funny. I have so much to blog about but not sure how to do it! Yes I've started yet another new blog but that's because so much has changed over the past 10 weeks. Not only have I compleated a 10 week course in hair and beauty plus going on to do the media and theatrical make up which is like a dream come true, I feel that I've also learnt … [Read more...]