So yeah I haven’t posted in a while why don’t you just sue me or somet?

In all honestly I just couldn’t be bothered with the internet this week and I’m not sure why! I think I just needed to take a break from it.

I also got a new domain which is where I’m going to talk about my life with depression and other things about mental health. I was going to do it on this domain but I felt it needed its own space. It will be challenging and I know I’ll have to do my homework but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages but haven’t had the guts to do it untill now and yes I’m no professional but I think if more people spoke out about being mentally ill and how they dealt with it maybe it will help people out there to understand that it’s OK to get help etc.

So yeah I’m not dead or anything lol I’m just trying out new things! I will try and update more though I do like being able to tell the world my feelings

Till the next time

Things they maybe a changing

The one thing about a blog that it’s like a diary but publicly seen by the masses around the world and sometimes I read and think did I really say that on here?  I’m not gonna delete anything as it’s how I  felt at the time even though I have to question to WHY it was like that in the first place.

So I’m actually thinking of moving this to another part of this domain and making like my online diary.  I want to use the domain to sell my paintings and do  other things with it because I’m getting pretty bored with the internet and I’m not sure why.  I think I need to take myself away from social media and get on with what I want to do. Specially with starting college in two weeks time! Not saying I wont use it but I need to cut back as I’m a total addict and I’m not even sure why I have most of it. Tumblr does my head in the most to many self-righteous people on there who bite people’s heads off for just thinking things. If it wasn’t for a Rupert Graves addiction I think I’d have got rid of it by now.

Anyway that’s it for now

Till the next time


Soul Mate


People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.

–Elizabeth Gilbert


I had something to write but I honestly can’t be bothered!

I’m feeling a little tired tonight and I’m fed up with the internet! Some people just get too serious at times and it’s starting to piss me off. I wish people would stop and think before having a go specially when they don’t even know me very well and just assume things!

I’m glad I’m starting college next month even if it’s only a 10 week course. I’m glad I have something to look forward to since mindfulness is ending next week! Yes I feel lonely and wish I could have a none serious relationship with someone! Fun and enjoyment but everything has to be so serious these days it pisses me off and no I don’t want a full on boyfriend all they seem to do is destroy me. I just wish someone would care about me and just get me and my foibles.

I don’t know where this is going but I’m tired and fed up with not sleeping well as always and I’m sure if I wrote how I really felt about my life some people would be quite shocked if they actually read this!

But whats the point in screaming and shouting when the people you want to listen couldn’t care less?

Till the next time 💗

One of them days

I feel like crap! Well I’m tired as I’ve not been sleeping well at and I’m just done in. I hate when I get like this as it just makes me grumpy. So I’ll defiantly will be going to bed early.

So tomorrow is the penultimate mindfulness group and I have enjoyed it so much I don’t want it to stop! I will be writing up my feelings about it next week on how I found it . I’m so glad that I’ve done it and it really has changed my life.

So yeah apart from being tired I’m ok and yes I’ve changed the theme again may stay like this not sure lol.

Till the next time <3

Proud of myself

So I’ve decided to do something with my life and go back to college and maybe do something that I’ve been really wanting to do for ages but I’m not sure if I’m qualified to do it or not yet! I mean yeah I probably could do it but I don’t know and no I’m not saying what it is untill I know I CAN do it lol

HA cryptic blog or what? But I’m so proud of myself! I was feeling kind of sorry for myself this week like my life wasn’t going anywhere so I told myself to get with it and do something about it and yeah I saw the local college did something  that I’d LOVE to do ( and yes some people know what I’m talking about but really I’m trying not to get excited about it!) so I’m currently enquiring with that I need to do  to do it.

I’m just happy with myself that instead of worrying all the time about where my life is leading  I’m  doing something practical about it which is something I’d never do before! It’s like my life is finally coming together for all the RIGHT reasons and hopefully moving to a better place!

I will say this I’m not giving up making jewellery! I know I have to get my finger out on that one but I’ve really wanted to do this thing at college for a years being inspired by many a  guru on YouTube and I knowing I can get to that place is just making me want to work hard and prove it to myself that I CAN do it!